Massage Therapy Services

Massage therapy sessions are all about you. Our Therapists will discuss with you how you are feeling, and what areas you need addresses. At some sessions, you may prefer a full body massage, while other times you may want us to concentrate on a specific area. You and your body decide the methodologies used in each session.

Stress Management:

Whether caused by specific events or daily life, chronic stress takes a toll on our bodies. Persistent stressors repeatedly trigger the fight or flight response, which elevates the level of adrenaline and cortisol in our blood. When not used in real emergencies, these hormones can weaken the body’s systems. Massage helps to lower stress hormone levels, and to bring the body back to a normal state of being by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, slowing the heart rate and relaxing breathing patterns. Regular massage sessions are an important component of a healthy lifestyle!

Back Pain, Neck Pain or Other Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain can be managed with regular massage therapy sessions. Our massage therapists use a combination of techniques to provide a drug free alternative for pain relief. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage relax and increase circulation to muscles and connective tissue. Overall, massage helps reduce emotional stress that can contribute to pain. Your therapist can also give you suggestions on how to improve your posture and body mechanics and show you stretching exercises for continued self care.

Massage for Athletes and Dancers:

The intense physical training required for today’s athletes and dancers can lead to muscle tightness, flexibility issues and injuries. Our therapists are experienced with helping both adult athletes and children athletes recover from overworking or hurting their muscles.

Prenatal Massage and Perinatal Massage:

Even though pregnancy is a natural state for a woman’s body, it does come with physical stresses and discomfort. Massage therapy during pregnancy can help alleviate common issues such as lower back pain, swelling, and sore feet. Post-pregnancy sessions can address areas such as tight hip muscles from carrying small children as well as offering much-needed downtime for a new mom.

Types of Massage Therapies
Offered at Excelsior Therapeutics:

Swedish Massage:

Your massage therapist will use long smooth strokes, kneading and circular movements on the superficial layers of muscles.

Deep Tissue:

This methodology is often used to release chronically tight muscles.
Your massage therapist will use slower strokes and friction techniques across the muscle fiber, targeting the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

Hot Stone Massage:

Placing heated smooth stones on the body produces a deeper level of relaxation than Swedish massage alone. Your massage therapist may hold the stones and massage the body with them as well.

Massage Cupping:

An ancient technique consisting of cups being placed on the body and held by suction, this methodology is used to soften muscles, loosen adhesions and bring hydration and blood flow to the surface of the body. It also helps drain excess fluids and toxins.


  • Rates

  • $5530 Minute Massage
  • $9560 Minute Massage
  • $11060 Minute Deep Tissue Massage
  • $11560 Minute Hot Stone Massage
  • $13090 Minute Massage
  • $15090 Minute Deep Tissue Massage
  • $15090 Minute Hot Stone Massage
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